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This model of management of medical organizations providing dental care in the municipality "city of Yekaterinburg" (hereinafter ― the Guide), developed by the North-West state medical University. I. Mechnikova (SZSMU), the Department of emergency medical care, the Department of therapeutic dentistry and propaedeutics of dental diseases, the Department of public health and health organization of the Ural state medical University (UMMU), the Department of clinical psychology and psychophysiology of the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin (Urfu) in the framework of the Priority project "Creation of a new model of medical organization providing primary health care". The main objectives of the Priority project " Creation of a new model of medical organization..."and this Manual recommended for performance by all organizations and the medical organizations in the territory of municipality" the city of Yekaterinburg " performing the municipal task on rendering free medical care within the Territorial program of the state guarantees of free rendering medical care to citizens: improving the work of outpatient departments of municipal health care institutions of the municipality " Ekaterinburg city»; the introduction of a unified institutional approach to the modus operandi of the staff of the clinics; introduction of patient-oriented technologies in polyclinics of Yekaterinburg; increasing the availability of outpatient medical care; prevention and risk reduction in the provision of dental care through the introduction of an identification Protocol and standardization of medical care; rational organization of work of medical personnel of polyclinics; improving the psychology of the relationship of patient and medical worker, psycho, psycho-corrective and therapeutic ways to help patients.

improving the quality of dental care, reducing risks in the provision of dental care, the model of management of medical organizations

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