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Abstract (English):
The aim of study. Study the available specialized literature on the use of CBCT in maxillofacial imaging and the combination of this research method with artificial intelligence to improve the diagnosis and treatment of complex dental diseases. Methodology. The data of special literature were studied using scientific search library databases: Pub Med, Elibrary, Cochrane, Google Scholar. Results. The use of cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) in the examination of patients in need of prosthetics allows to obtain a large amount of diagnostic information about the condition of hard tissues of teeth, bone tissue of jaws, temporomandibular joint and nearby anatomical structures in comparison with other radiological methods of additional examination of patients. The possibilities of this type of research were evaluated together with a representative of the "Diagnocat" artificial intelligence system and an analysis of its advantages was carried out. It also describes a comprehensive protocol for planning orthopedic treatment of patients based on digital (virtual) modeling and its advantages for a practicing orthopedic dentist. Conclusions. The CBCT method is widely used in modern dental practice due to its accuracy, accessibility and high objectivity. Artificial intelligence technologies introduced into the planning process of complex dental treatment are gradually becoming a tool for the practitioner. Automatic recognition of teeth and diagnostics of facial deformities using artificial intelligence systems based on CBCT are very likely to become an area of increased interest in the future. The review is aimed at giving practicing dentists and interested colleagues in the field of healthcare a comprehensive understanding of the current trend in the development of artificial intelligence in the field of 3D visualization in dental medicine.

cone-beam computed tomography, indications for dental depulpation, radiation risk in dentistry, artificial intelligence in dentistry, protocol of orthopedic treatment

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