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Summary Currently, higher education requires students to spend a lot of energy, psychological stability and physical effort. A special place among this group of young people is occupied by students who come to study from other countries. Earlier, in the studies of Uspenskaya O. A. and Spiridonova S. A. (2022), it was revealed that the unsatisfactory hygienic state of the oral cavity in foreign students occurs 2 times more often than in Russians. A more detailed study is needed to identify the causes of periodontal disease in this category of citizens, as well as to find optimal solutions for its elimination. Subject of study: periodontal status of Privolzhsky Research Medical University foreign students. The purpose of the study: to research the periodontal status of foreign students of Faculty of General Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry. Materials and methods. 120 foreign students of 2-5 courses of Privolzhsky Research Medical University were examined. The simple hygiene index was used to assess the hygienic state of the oral cavity (Green J.C., Vermillion J.R., 1964), periodontal condition was assessed using the papillary-marginal-alveolar index. complex periodontal index (P.A. Leus, 1988) All examined patients were divided into 4 groups, depending on the course of study and faculty, 30 people in each group: group 1 - 2-3 courses of Faculty of Dentistry, group 2 - 4-5 courses of Faculty of Dentistry, group 3 - 2-3 courses of Faculty of General Medicine, group 4 - 4-5 courses of Faculty of General Medicine. Research results. As a result of the study, a positive correlation of the studied indices was also determined. At 4-5 courses, the level of oral hygiene among students of the Faculty of Dentistry is better than at 2-3 courses, and the reverse picture was observed at the Faculty of General Medicine. The results of the study showed a deterioration in the periodontal status of 4-5 year students of the foreign department of the Faculty of General Medicine compared with 2-3 year students. Conclusions. In the course of the study, the periodontal status of young people was studied on the example of students of a foreign department. The results revealed motivation and regular check-ups as one of the key factors in the prevention of periodontal tissue diseases.

periodontium, gingivitis, oral hygiene, motivation in dentistry, periodontal status of young patients

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