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Subject. The results of a clinical examination of patients with complete and partial absence of teeth, who were made prostheses from thermoplastic material, as well as the adaptation of patients who comply and do not comply with the recommendations for hygienic care to prostheses for three months, are considered. The aim is to assess the condition of thermoplastic prostheses and patient satisfaction with them after three weeks and three months of their use according to clinical examination data and using a subjective scaling test. Methodology. Under observation were 43 patients with complete and partial absence of teeth, who were made prostheses from thermoplastic material "Belflex", produced by the Russian manufacturer "Vladmiva". A visual clinical assessment of the used prosthesis was carried out after three weeks and after 3 months in patients who fully complied with the doctor's hygienic recommendations for caring for prostheses, and for those who refused to comply with them. Results. In the first group of patients who fully complied with the recommendations of an orthopedist, during a clinical examination, there were no violations of the integrity of the prostheses and discoloration both after 3 weeks and after 3 months. In the second group of patients, three months later, during a visual examination of the prosthesis, there were violations of the integrity, colors of the prosthesis base, numerous scratches on the surface, roughness, especially in the area of connection of artificial teeth with the prosthesis base. Changed parameters of the test of adaptation to orthopedic structures in all 20 patients. Conclusions. The duration of their service life depends on the correct hygienic care of patients for removable orthopedic structures made of thermoplastics.

complete and partial absence of teeth, thermoplastic prostheses, hygienic care, adaptation, removable dentures, a macrohistochemical method for determining areas of inflammation

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