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Abstract (English):
The subject of the study: teeth, crown part of the tooth. The purpose of the study: to study the algorithm of wax modeling of the crown part of the teeth based on modular technologies. Methodology. Wax modeling of 64 teeth by using modular technologies, maintaing photo protocol step-by-step. The results: Modeling teeth is a creative process. More over, knowledge is needed and the ability to use the scientific approaches of the modeling process, which greatly facilitates the work of restorers, dental technicians. We have proposed the reconstruction of the integrity of the teeth based on modular technologies, where modeling can be carried out, taking into account the patterns in the formation of teeth based on a single module – canine – odontomer. Using the shape of a canine or part of its elements, as well as using various elements of its construction, various quantitative and qualitative variations in the shape of teeth are demonstrated during wax modeling. Conclusion. Aesthetic dentistry not only offers the best technologies and materials, but also provides the opportunity to restore the anatomical forms of teeth with minimal discomfort, approaching the achievement of a perfect functional result. Developed by us, the method of artistic restoration of teeth based on modular technologies, proposed by L.M. Lomiashvili, pays great attention to the restoration of the microrelief of surfaces. Step-by-step illustrations help to get acquainted in details with the stages of modeling, the creation of overall outlines of teeth, the consistent formation of surface relief, grooves of the first, second, third orders. A systematic approach to the modeling of teeth is reflected. Step-by-step illustrations of the construction of the crown part of the teeth based on modular technologies are used in the educational process of universities and colleges, and are also being introduced into clinical dentistry, improving the quality of aesthetic and functional restoration.

wax modeling, teeth, modular technologies, aesthetic dentistry

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