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Maintaining a high level of oral hygiene in classical prosthodontics has always been given high importance. It has increased even more with implant prosthetics, as it is the main method for preventing such common inflammatory complications as mucositis and periimplantitis. The prevention of the occurrence of these ailments contributes to the long-term survival of implants and implant prostheses. The purpose of the work is to optimize hygienic manipulations at an prosthodontics dental appointment. Articles from dental journals containing information about the frequency of sessions of professional oral hygiene of patients and their implant prostheses were studied. The analysis of sites on the Internet and advertising and information booklets and brochures of 12 manufacturers of dental units was carried out for their irrigators and hygiene devices. We examined 211 patients with complete loss of teeth in one or both jaws, using various designs of full-arch implant prostheses. Modified Mombelli A., Lang N. plaque index Loe H., Sillness J. was used. Plaque on prostheses was studied using the methods of Trezubov V.N., Klimov A.G. and Ambjornsen E. It is justified to increase the frequency of professional hygiene sessions in the immediate and long-term after implant prosthetics from 1 time in 6–12 months to 1 time in 2–3 months. A multifunctional syringe has been developed that provides the supply of water, air and antiseptic to the oral cavity separately and in combination, including in the form of a spray, with the possibility of heating the supplied medium and, thus, accordingly increasing the efficiency of the dentist's work.

dental unit, dental syringe, implant prosthetics, dental plaque, oral hygiene

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