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Chronic diseases of the oral mucosa are difficult for a dentist to diagnose and treat. The recurrent course of chronic diseases of the oral mucosa leads to the fact that patients are left without orthopedic dental care for a long time. Recent studies have shown that orthopedic treatment of patients with chronic diseases of the oral mucosa is not only possible, but also necessary. If a pathology of the oral mucosa is detected during orthopedic treatment, it is necessary to conduct a complete examination of the patient, obtain advice from specialist doctors: a dental surgeon, dermatologist, endocrinologist, infectious disease specialist, etc., and draw up a joint treatment plan. Under our supervision were 69 patients, of both sexes, aged 58 to 78 years, during the examination of which special attention was paid to the study of the oral mucosa. Particular attention was paid to the study of the oral mucosa, especially changes in the background of chronic diseases of the oral mucosa. During her examination, the color was noted (taking into account the patient's age and profession), the degree of moisture, swelling, the presence of pathological formations, their shape, size, quantity, localization, location of elements on the changed or normal color of the mucosa. The condition of the gums, the mucous membrane under the prosthesis was taken into account. Palpation determined the density of soft tissues, the sensitivity of pathological changes in the mucous membrane to pressure and friction, the presence of pain points. The general characteristics of the mucous membrane of the prosthetic bed were evaluated according to the Supple classification. After applying the prosthesis, the state of the mucous membrane of the prosthetic bed was assessed in dynamics: on the first, third, seventh and 21st day after prosthetics. Cytological and bacteriological studies were carried out. It was revealed that the erythrocyte sedimentation rate and leukocyte formula, blood test for vitamin D content, the content of immunoglobulins IgA, IgG, were changed compared to the norm. Prosthetics with removable orthopedic structures are started after a comprehensive examination of patients with an absolute absence of contraindications during the period of remission of chronic diseases of the oral mucosa or during the treatment of the underlying somatic disease.

comprehensive examination of dental patients, prosthetics, chronic diseases of the oral mucosa, algorithm, removable orthopedic structures

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