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The lack of viability of the dentition and the fear of dental treatment are one of the most important problems for the dental patient of the older age group, affecting not only the digestive system, but also the quality of life in general. Traditional methods of restoring incompetent dentition with removable dentures have not yet lost their significance, but not in all cases can achieve a satisfactory result for patients. Modern dental practice makes it possible to rehabilitate the masticatory function of patients through fixed prosthetics in the shortest possible time. This study is devoted to the study of the impact of dental treatment on the psychophysiological status and quality of life of patients with total dental rehabilitation, depending on the initial clinical situations. As part of the study, 2 clinical groups of patients were formed: patients with complete edentulism using removable dentures for a long time and patients whose teeth cannot be preserved. To assess the psychophysiological state of the patient before surgery, the Spielberg-Khanin test of personal anxiety was used. In order to dynamically assess the impact of the state of the dentition on the quality of life of the patient, the OHIP-14 questionnaire was used. The study found that, depending on the initial clinical situation, the state of different groups of patients immediately before surgery differs. The group of patients whose teeth can,t be saved feel much more anxiety. Dynamic assessment of the quality of life of patients shows that the treatment has a positive effect on the quality of life of patients in both groups.

dental implants, adentia (missing teeth), dental rehabilitation, quality of life, psychophysiological status, OHIP-14, Spielberg-Khanin scale

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