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Subject. Oncological diseases are one of the leading causes of medical losses worldwide, so early and timely diagnosis of oncological diseases remains relevant to this day. Most patients have multiple comorbidities. It is known that all pathological processes occurring in the human body cannot but affect the state of the oral cavity. Therefore, the study of common pathogenetic links in the development of these diseases, including cancer, and the need to optimize the methods of their diagnosis, complex treatment and prevention continue to be relevant. Objectives. To study the features of the dental status and analysis of blood parameters in patients with extraoral pathology. Methodology. To carry out the study, a dental examination was carried out, including an assessment of the condition of the oral mucosa and periodontium, screening by diascopy and APS diagnostics, determination of KPU indices, oral hygiene index OHI-S, PMA, CPITN. All subjects underwent a clinical and biochemical blood test with further research. Results. The study revealed the predominance of certain types of dental diseases in patients with different localization of oncopathology. According to the results of the general and biochemical blood tests, changes were noted that are characteristic of latent iron deficiency and anemia, as well as liver pathology. Conclusion. The study revealed a high intensity of dental caries in cancer patients. A high prevalence of periodontal disease has been noted. Of the dental diseases in cancer patients, hyperplasia of the filiform papillae, geographic tongue, and candidiasis were most often diagnosed. Analysis of blood parameters revealed the presence of a latent iron deficiency and impaired hemoglobin formation. Changes in biochemical parameters of blood, characteristic of the pathological state of liver tissues, were also noted.

cancer incidence, dental status, diseases of the oral mucosa, complete blood count, biochemical blood test

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