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Subject. Thermal imaging provides an objective measurement of temperature changes that are clinically relevant for the detection of local inflammatory processes. The article examines the infrared radiation of the facial skin, its quantitative and qualitative characteristics, to predict the course of the postoperative period after dental implant placement. The aim is to evaluate changes in the parameters of contactless infrared thermography (CIT) of the facial skin before and after operation. Methods. A prospective randomized study was conducted in 17 patients aged 30 to 65 years (12 women, 5 men) who underwent surgery to install intraosseous screw dental implants (DI) under local anesthesia on one side of the jaw according to the delayed implantation technique. Before and after operation, as well as on the 1st, 3rd and 7th days of the postoperative period, patients underwent facial skin CIT using the FLIR One Pro device. Blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature were also monitored. The maximum and minimum temperature (T) of the facial skin on the side of the installed implant and the opposite side were compared. Results. The mean values of blood pressure and heart rate in the studied patients did not show deviations from the normal values before and after the operation of DI placement. The average values of body temperature were almost the same before and after the operation. In two patients, the body temperature was 37 °C during the day after the operation. The difference between average values of the skin temperature of the right and left half of the face did not exceed 0.6 °C, that is acceptable in the norm. Conclusions. The temperature relief of the facial skin after surgery changes in comparison with the preoperative values with a tendency to increase the average values of the maximum T. In the postoperative period, there is an increase in the average values of the maximum T on the side of the operation in comparison with the opposite side.

contactless infrared thermography, thermometry, dental implantation, postoperative period, microcirculation pathology

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