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The questions of unity and variety of forms in nature are discussed In the presentpaper. Refers to the process of shaping the teeth, structural and functional unit of the tooth is determined: canine module – odontomer. The common structure of the tooth, hand and foot is demonstrated, moreover the morphological similarity is manifested at the stage of human embryo – histogenesis. Thus, at the stage of bookmarks, formation, growth and development of certain organs of a human embryo (hands, feet and teeth) one can see some similarity of their structure, the internal order of the morphological units (fingers, enameldentinal rollers), which describes the universal law of creation – "the golden proportion" . Dentists have to know the anatomy of the organs and tissues of the oral cavity very well when restoring the teeth. Also dentists should study their phylogeny, anthropogeny,ontogeny in order to reconstruct the missing tissue in their original form, in harmony. The stages of dental restorations made of composite materials based on modular technology are shown.

We have proposed a matrix model for shaping the crown of a tooth. At the base of a tooth crown several modules – odontometrs are laid, which are directed to the fissure of the first order. A doctor deliberately puts missing edges, filling empty spaces with composite material, thus performing a specific algorithm of a tooth construction. While restoration the missing tissue you operate with the canine tooth module and composite material and fill a tooth crown.

Thus, we consider a canine tooth as the initial unit, fractal part of ontogenesis of dento-facial system of a person in accordance with the set laws which are typical for the modular (fractal) structural organization.

harmony, human embryogenesis, shaping the teeth, modeling, composite materials, technology of teeth restoration,
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