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The authors describe two clinical cases with sophisticated prosthetics defects dentition with allceramic. Of complications (increased abrasion, deformation of dentition, reduces occlusion) after tooth extraction complicated rational prosthesis. It took a phased prosthesis with a preparatory phase. Failure to do so can lead to complications and aesthetic dissatisfaction of patients from the orthopedic treatment results.

The deformations of dentition occur when the full or partial destruction of the crowns of teeth, dentition defect with partial loss, periodontal diseases, tumors and other pathological conditions that lead to a change in the position of teeth (sagittal, vertical and transversal) of the three mutually perpendicular planes.

The appearance of defects violates not only the morphological unity of the dentition, but also leads to its complex restructuring, first appearing near the defect, and then extended to the entire dentition and the entire dentition system. Outwardly, this restructuring is manifested teeth tilt toward the defect, the vertical movement of the teeth, deprived of antagonists, their inclination mainly in the lingual side, rotating around an axis.

Shifting teeth leads eventually to a more or less pronounced disturbance of the occlusal surface of the dentition, lower occlusal height complicating clinic partial loss of teeth, making it difficult to conduct a rational choice and orthopedic treatment.

defects in dentition, increased abrasion of the teeth, aesthetic restorative prostheses, metal-free ceramics, occlusion
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