TY JOUR TI CLINICAL AND MICROBIOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF ORAL CAVITY IN PATIENTS WITH PERIODONTITIS AND HYPOTHYROIDISM ON THE BACKGROUND OF COMPLEX THERAPY WITH INCLUSION OF SYNBIOTIC KW oral microbiota KW microbiological evaluation KW hypothyroidism KW synbiotic KW normobiom KW periodontitis JO Actual problems in dentistry AU Bushueva, E.Y. AU Griroriev, S.S. AU Ssablina, S.N. AU Elovicova, T.M. AU Sorokoumova, D.V. AU Kozmenko, A.N. AU Makerova, N.A. AU Chagay, A.A. AU Chernyshova, N.D. PY 2021 IS 17 PB TIRAZH Publishing House