%0 Journal Article %T CLINICAL AND MICROBIOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF ORAL CAVITY IN PATIENTS WITH PERIODONTITIS AND HYPOTHYROIDISM ON THE BACKGROUND OF COMPLEX THERAPY WITH INCLUSION OF SYNBIOTIC %A Bushueva, E.Y. %A Griroriev, S.S. %A Ssablina, S.N. %A Elovicova, T.M. %A Sorokoumova, D.V. %A Kozmenko, A.N. %A Makerova, N.A. %A Chagay, A.A. %A Chernyshova, N.D. %K oral microbiota, microbiological evaluation, hypothyroidism, synbiotic, normobiom, periodontitis %J Actual problems in dentistry %D 2021 %N 17 %P 5 %I TIRAZH Publishing House