TY JOUR TI PATHOLOGICAL CHANGES OF PERIODONTAL TISSUES IN CONDITIONS OF EXPERIMENTAL MODELING OF PARODONTITIS IN RABBITS KW periodontitis KW modeling of periodontitis in rabbits KW the histological analysis of the biopsy of the marginal division of rabbit gum KW pathomorphological changes of periodontitis tissues KW method of initiating a local periodontitis around the incisors of the lower jaw with ligature method KW Volozhin A. I. KW Vinogradova S.I. modification (1993) JO Actual problems in dentistry AU Miroshnichenko, V.V. AU Marchuk, V.A. AU Chetvertak, P.A. AU Kuzmina Marina V. Kuzmina, M.A. PY 2018 IS 14 PB TIRAZH Publishing House